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Exclusive Value Size Sale on now!
Exclusive Value Size Sale on now!

Younited High Performance Multi 120 Caps

Size (servings)

Discerning consumers at all stages of life who want the best, with a focus on performance and healthy aging. Professionally formulated based on the most current science to provide the most active and absorbable vitamins and minerals, in a customizable dosage format; this is not your beginners multi.
This advanced formula is safe for teens through to mature adults, with a recommend dose of 2-4 caps/day, based on activity/stress levels.

• Professional caliber formula
• Superior, buffered vitamin C blend
• Vitamin K2 , MK7
• Methylated B vitamins
•Citrate and Krebs cycle minerals for maximum absorption
•Longevity focused antioxidants and phytonutrients
•Digestive and absorption support