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35th Anniversary Event! BOGO 50% off mix and match all items! Until Sunday
35th Anniversary Event! BOGO 50% off mix and match all items! Until Sunday

Prairie Naturals Prost Force 60 Caps


Prost Force; Prostate Health Starts Here!

Most men probably never even think about their prostate gland until they have a feeling that something’s “not quite right” but the functioning of this small, donut-shaped muscular gland sure can make a big impact on a guy’s life. Just ask any man around the age of 50. That’s about the time of life when men start to get personally acquainted with the many unpleasant symptoms of prostate problems.

Prairie Naturals Prost-Force is an evidence based formulation that synergistically combines the key nutritional and phytochemical ingredients researchers recommend for prostate health.

Even younger men need to be pro-active to protect and improve the health of this important gland that, among other things impacts on sexual satisfaction. Don’t wait until you have symptoms of a prostate gland in distress. Protect your prostate now and prevent potentially serious problems later with Prairie Naturals Prost-Force.

Prost Force is ideal for:

• Men in the age category of 40 and beyond
• Men looking to start a preventative regime for their prostate health
• Men looking for a drug-free, proven effective, natural supplement for prostate and urinary tract support
• Men wanting restful sleep and fewer bathroom trips at night
• Men looking for erectile dysfunction support

Prost Force may help to:

• Promote healthy prostate function
• Reduce DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) without this negative side effect
• Improve urinary health and reduces frequency of urination
• Reduce the discomfort of prostate enlargement