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Be the best you in 2022! 60+ Products on sale!
Be the best you in 2022! 60+ Products on sale!

North Coast Naturals Boosted MCt Powder 300g

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MCTs supply quick metabolic energy for physical and mental performance and are digested faster than regular fats. Perfect for keto diets especially.

Boosted MCT Powder is made with 100% pure non-GMO coconuts. To make this creamy travel-friendly powder, we spray the oil on to dietary fiber. This combination provides a nice creamy texture, for your hot or cold beverages.

Our MCT’s come from 100% pure non-GMO coconuts. Naturally grown and sustainably farmed without herbicides or pesticides. Hexane and solvent free. Non hydrogenated.



Suggested Use: Use as a dairy-free/cholesterol-free 'creamer' for coffee or tea, or simply add to shakes or smoothies. Provides a creamier texture than liquid MCT Oil. Coffee lovers, this being 60% oil, it does take a little longer to stir than regular creamer. Store in a cool, dark place. No refrigeration required.