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Spring into health sale on now!
Spring into health sale on now!

Neeva Super Cereal 45g

Size (servings)

Neeva was created because of 3 main factors:

Most people are in too big of a rush in the morning to make breakfast, food prep/measuring sucks and protein shake/bars can get boring.

The single serve pouch allows you the option to just "grab and go" rather than measuring out the right quantities of cereal, protein powder and flavoring.

Convenience is the name of the game!


How do I use Neeva Super Cereal?

Step 1: Pour 200-250mL of milk (or milk substitute) in a Neeva Shaker

Step 2: Tear open the Neeva Super Cereal pack and pour the cereal into the Neeva Shaker Cup

Step 3: Shake for 20+ Seconds

Step 4: Drink cereal from your shaker cup, eat it with a spoon or pour it into a bowl and eat it like OG cereal