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35th Anniversary Event! BOGO 50% off mix and match all items! Until Sunday
35th Anniversary Event! BOGO 50% off mix and match all items! Until Sunday

Mammoth Shock 260g

by Mammoth
Size (servings)

Mammoth SHOCK is the new standard for High-Intensity, Maximum-Dose Pre-Workouts. The only hype this potent multi-sensory pre needs is found in the scoop; it’s clinically dosed combination of ingredients speak for themselves. Mammoth SHOCK will push your Performance, Pump, Muscle Growth, Muscle Activation, Power, Mental Focus and Recovery to the Extreme.

‘We’re all in for a SHOCK!’

SHOCK was designed for athletes of all genders looking to take their workouts to a much higher level. SHOCK’s high-potency, multi-sensory ingredients have been specifically designed to enhance your body's performance. Expect bigger Pumps, better Performance, Increased Muscle Growth, Power Enhancements, Laser-Sharp Focus and Full Muscle Activation from the first time you use it. For best results, take SHOCK consistently. Consistent pre-workout supplementation is more effective than infrequent use. This is specifically the case for nitric oxide boosters and nootropics. These ingredients can help improve athletic performance (delay muscular fatigue, improve endurance performance, increase workout volume) and cognitive performance (better focus and energy), respectively. As a result, you can work-out for longer, lift heavier, perform and recover better.

Researchers conclude that it helps the main ingredients build up in your body. After 3 weeks, you should expect your workout stamina to increase, feel less fatigued during as well as after your workouts. (Jabeen Begum on June 22, 2021, Health Benefits of Pre-Workout Supplements,

This modest 13-gram scoop is proof that these ingredients are Precise, Therapeutically / Clinical Dosed, and do not contain unnecessary fillers. Per scoop, SHOCK delivers:

6000 mg | Citrulline Malate 2 : 1
1000 mg | Glycerol Monostearate
1000 mg | Agmatine Sulfate
200 mg | Maritime Pine (Pine Bark Extract)*

300 mg | Alpha-GPC*
1000 mg | L-Taurine
100 mg | Vitamin C

ENERGY & FOCUS: (Nootropic Complex)
80 mg | Synephrine
400 mg | Caffeine
500 mg | Lion’s Mane Extract
5 mg | Huperzia Serrata Extract
Maritime Pine (Pine Bark Extract)*

*dual purpose ingredient